4 Nov, 2022

Safety Practices and Rules

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General Safety · Know the job safety requirements. · Know how to contact Elevate Workforce Safety Team. · If you cannot correct unsafe problems or concerns, report them to your supervisor immediately. · Read thoroughly all safety material distributed to you. · Be certain that all instructions are clearly understood before starting a task. · [...]

27 Oct, 2022


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  Serious accidents can happen when you take safety for granted. Consider this situation: a man was adding fuel to his lawnmower. He poured some gasoline, then took a step back with the open fuel can in his hand. Meanwhile, his neighbor walked up behind him with a lit cigarette. The can touched the cigarette [...]

27 Jan, 2016


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Every company is faced with the challenge of complacency at some point.. Other business priorities (i.e. increased productivity, improved quality, and profitability) can distract managers and employees from their safety mission. This distraction causes employees to stop paying attention to their surroundings, resulting in increased risk to the organization and a rise in the number [...]

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