For 30+ years, Elevate Workforce has been building partnerships with a wide variety of industries including disaster relief and emergency response personnel. Our fresh hands-on approach is tailored to each client’s unique needs. We specialize in elevating your workforce.

Offering a broad spectrum of staffing and HR services, our flexible staffing models provide effective resources on an as-needed basis for both changeable and permanent placements. From individual positions to qualified teams, we supply unskilled labor and highly-skilled trades personnel for Industrial, Commercial, and Environmental Contractors, Manufacturing Facilities, Warehousing, Transportation and Disaster Response.

Known and trusted for quickly assembling mega-teams, we provide personnel for Industrial Plant Shutdowns, Military Bases, Government Facilities, Disaster Recovery. For example, we supplied personnel for the Gulf Oil Spill in 2010.

More recently we have assembled mega employees and provided ONSITE project management during several natural disasters: 2017 Hurricanes in the US Virgin Islands, 2017 Tornado in Hattiesburg MS, 2016 Massive flooding in Baton Rouge LA.

Elevate Workforce stands behind our commitments – including making safety a top priority: We believe in 100% OSHA compliance and drug-free workplaces.

Connect today with Elevate Workforce, where Fit – Performance – Retention matter to us because they matter to you.