The Cash is Greener on the Other Side

In a world where it feels like everyone else has it better than you, make changes to get the cash in your pockets a little greener.

Why look for greener cash?

  • You aren’t a hermit crab living on Dauphin Island so you need regular checks that aren’t dependent on anything but your work ethic. Having a job gives you control of your paychecks and freedom to not rely on government votes to decide how much they think you deserve to live off of.
  • Earning your own paycheck also helps with a sense of identity, we can mark off you being a crab after all of this. When you earn your money you open the door to more opportunities, such as if you’re not happy with where you live, ask about transferring to a new branch.
  • No one feels more embarrassed than when we meet a new person or go to a gathering and someone asks you the dreaded question…. “So what do you do?” Who wants to answer, “nothing” or more honestly “collects money from the government”? Being asked a question like that can make you wish you were a crab so you can hide in your shell.
  • Starting a new job opens the door for new opportunities and allows chances for change in your life. Each job you take is a new skill learned, making your resume more attractive to those looking to fill permanent jobs. 
  • You have your phone and tv constantly feeding you information that can put you in a state of fear and belief that the world is a bad place. Until you have a job where you are out interacting with your community you’re going to believe everything you hear and see. Getting yourself a job to be out interacting with real people makes it harder to be fed all the “world is bad” mumbo jumbo. 

Why start the job hunt?

  • The cost of living is increasing. Who is to say the government can keep handing out the type of checks that will keep you comfortable. In several states the governors have decided to end the extra money added to the unemployment people have been receiving. 
  • Job availability has never been better. The amount of options employees have: sign on bonuses, relocation bonuses, or first choice in shift. 

Where to job hunt?

  • Always choose a staffing company! Let them job hunt for YOU! 
    • Find better job matches
    • Try a job before you commit long term
    • Allows for feedback on your work
    • Offers more job flexibility 
    • Staffing companies have access to employers and connections that could help work you into your dream job

No one can argue that times are changing, put yourself ahead of the curve and have your job of choice by using Elevate Workforce. Send us your resume and let us go on the hunt for YOU!