Let’s Get Digital

We are making it through a pandemic, it is time to re-enter the workforce. We have suffered enough; missing parties, no handshakes, no eating out, no hugs. The toll the pandemic has taken on everyone’s mental and physical health is in some ways permanent. Meaning most of the world has tried to adapt and make these things less…awful. If there is one thing we can learn from all of this is what is important and what we really want in life. Thanks to technology during the pandemic, it has changed life making it easier for companies and people to adapt. Everything has moved digital: grocery shopping, doctor appointments, applying for jobs, and interviews. Learn how to get your resume ready for a post pandemic workforce today.


“Digital is really two things. It refers to a set of technologies, everything from artificial intelligence to the use of e-commerce. But digital is really about a different way of working, of making decisions, of partnering and reaching your clients, and so it’s also about how you do things.”

Julie Sweet


Why Go Digital?

Going digital can create speed and efficiency for employees when trying to apply for a position; this demonstrates you have general computer skills, can follow directions, and ensures the right person gets your application. Applying digitally can make it easier on you. You are less likely to say something embarrassing along with having the chance to double check yourself before you hit reply on an email or Facebook message. The online job application process also makes applying to different jobs more accessible for people who might live a town or two over, or someone looking into a travel position.


Why You Should Update Your Resume Post Pandemic

During the current pandemic, when nearly every aspect of the hiring process has moved online, you might even wonder why you still need a resume at all with online applications being the thing. You still need a resume for so many reasons:

  • Many employers require a resume as part of their hiring process. Even when you fill out an online job application, they may also ask you to upload your resume.
  • Your resume communicates your qualifications plainly; who you are and what makes you different.
  • The resume serves a different purpose than an online application profile: Its main purpose is to get you an interview. Your profile on a social media page, such as Facebook or LinkedIn are networking tools.


Pandemic Resume Tips

Emphasize on collaboration skills:

  • Open-mindedness – being open to and accepting of new ideas.
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Adaptability


Highlight transferable talents:

  • Creativity – it can be coming up with a new, inventive idea, finding a solution to a difficult problem, or thinking outside of the box.
  • People skills
  • Leadership
  • Time management


Avoid keyword stuffing

  • Resume keyword stuffing is when the applicant stuffs their resume with too many keywords that are no longer a true representation of their abilities.


Cleaning Up Your Digital Footprint

The importance of having a cleaner online footprint grows everyday. When using facebook to send in a job application employers are able to click on your profile and view its contents unless the profile is set to private. The best thing to do as an applicant, is to go back into your timeline and delete content that may be taken wrong or ones containing offensive content. Cleaning up past comments that could offend a reader wouldn’t hurt either. If your Facebook is private, changing your profile photo to an appropriate picture could put you over other applicants who choose not to care about their online presence before applying.


“The biggest part of our digital transformation is changing the way we think.” — Simeon Preston, Bupa


In conclusion, whether you like it or not the day is digital! Every aspect of our lives have been altered to be able to be taken care of, it could be from our phones or computers. The pandemic has made an impact on our workforce and home lives. The best thing to do is take advantage, keep updating, and adapting with the times. 

Get to typing and get to applying!