5 Easy Ways to Get Your Resume at The Top of The List

           Did you know that Reddit’s top question in their job/resume section is “I’m applying for a position in ____ field, how does my resume look?” adding a photo of their resume below looking for feedback. Why do people have such a hard time writing resumes? Research has found it is typically one of these reasons: you are finding it difficult to write about yourself, maybe you aren’t confident in your writing skills, or you find that too many questions you have about writing a resume get answered with “it depends’ ‘. Before beginning a resume do some research on the company you’re applying to, it will determine the type of resume you’re going to make. Medium to small companies mean real people review your resume and large companies your resume is run through a bot first. Let’s get started!


5 Ways things to consider when writing your resume geared towards a real person


1. Think like a recruiter/HR while writing. 

     An example of that would be when writing conderer the amount of time they have, keep it short and to the point. Keep your audience in mind and realize experience isn’t always what people are looking for from employees.

 2. Keep is simple.

      List contact information that is useful, not just for formality. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of bullet points!

3. Get with the times.

      Understand, change to fit what is now happening, and accept it.

4. Highlight your skills.

      Include Key Skills for the job you are applying for in a separate section from your general work skills.

5. Don’t write a novel



3 Things to keep in mind when you know a Resume Bot will see your resume


1. Use keywords that they used in the job description in your resume.

2. Do not clutter your resume with the design or layout. 

     If you feel the need to be creative, create an online portfolio and add the link to your professional resume.

3. Make your resume flow.

     Use the flow to tell a story of why you would be the best fit for the job.

4. Feel free to add your familiarity with programs they might use in the job daily.

5. Don’t restrict your work history to just “work”. 

     Include experience leading groups, research, or any volunteer work you had a pertinent role in facilitating. 


             The key to getting the job is to know the company. Think about creating two resumes with the same information: one made for a real person in mind and one for the bots to read. Once you get a call back for an interview after using the resume geared for the larger company you have an opportunity to bring your resume geared toward real people. If you find this information overwhelming, it’s okay. We have a few general resume tips for you too if you have one written and are looking for a few quick fixes.

1. Less is more

2. Metrics are your friend- show result from accomplished tasks

3. List your leadership roles

4. It’s okay to be a jack or jill of all trades- Show us the skills!

       Take a minute to revamp your resume and see how it tests out in the job market by sending it our way! Email us today.