One of the biggest challenges of a staffing company is finding an effective was to utilize social media. Agencies need to gain the interest of candidates by making their opportunities exciting and eye-catching. We need to make the potential candidates want to apply! And lastly they have to keep them on the hook by keeping them interested in the positions available. Using social medial as a marketing tool can be quite time-consuming and take a lot of effort. However, the results can be effective and reach thousands more on a average than a recruiter can without its use.

In today’s business world any company that is not using social media “will be left behind”! Not everyone enjoys using Facebook and Twitter can sometimes be too fast-paced. We as staffing companies want to provide candidates with options, and therefore have profiles across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. I do not recommend that you establish accounts with all of these social media sites but do encourage you to pick one or two to establish a presence in.

The goal is to provide job seekers with information and resources.

On Facebook you want to focus on Jobs available and share advice for all phases of the job search. This can include anything from resume preparations to salary negotiations. However, it is also important that your page has content about the team behind the scenes, so that candidates applying can actually see the human side of your company.

Companies should consider having two pages one to focus on the entire organization that does not post any career or recruitment topics and another that focuses entirely on jobs and recruiting. Your page that does not include recruiting can include anything that will gain the interest of people that are viewing your page such as the following post, all to do with Christmas Cookies.


“ Don’t let HR duties keep you from enjoying Christmas Cheer. Discover how Elevate Workforce can give you more time for making Christmas cookies and time with your family”.

Share interesting and relevant content and you can measure your success through social media. It’s exciting to see a recruitment agency being extremely engaging and different on social media. Develop a strategic plan that incorporates a content calendar of topics that can be used throughout the year. It is helpful to include holidays and any current marketing campaigns already in place. Always be responsive to your audience. Timing is key! And lastly carefully select the person who manages your social media presence. Remember, you’re handing over the reputation of your company.

Elevate Workforce would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!