Welcome to Elevate! Workforce. . . a fresh approach to Staffing and HR Services for the Gulf Coast of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana – with nationwide affiliates.

From basic labor to skilled trade-specific positions; from individual positions or small employee groups to mega-teams, we specialize in rapid-response provision of quality workers, best-fit matches, workforce flexibility, and safety – backed by our 30 years of experience.

Fit – Performance – Retention

They matter to us because they matter to you.




About Us

For 30+ years, Elevate! Workforce has been building partnerships with a wide variety of industries. Our fresh hands-on approach is tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Offering a broad spectrum of staffing and HR services, our flexible staffing models provide effective resources on an as-needed basis for both changeable and permanent placements. From individual positions to quickly assembling mega teams, we supply unskilled labor and highly-skilled trades personnel for Industrial, Commercial, and Environmental Contractors, Disaster Recovery, Manufacturing Facilities, Warehousing, and Transportation.

Known and trusted for quickly assembling mega-teams, we provide personnel for Industrial Plant Shutdowns, Military Bases, Government Facilities, and Disaster Recovery. For example, we supplied personnel for the Gulf Oil Spill.

Elevate! Workforce stands behind our commitments – including making safety a top priority: We believe in 100% OSHA Compliance  and drug-free workplaces.

Connect today with Elevate! Workforce, where Fit – Performance – Retention matter to us because they matter to you.

Job Seekers

Whether you’re a safety specialist, equipment operator, skilled tradesperson, laborer, or a multitude of other options, we care about you. We take the time to know your goals as well as your skills and experience. We believe in:

Safety: it’s our number one priority

Connection: we specialize in best-fit assignments

Freedom from red tape: we’re known for keeping the paperwork simple and easy


  • We pay our employees competitive wages weekly –VISA Reloadable Pay Card or direct deposit into your bank account
  • Group Insurance employee health insurance
  • Lincoln Life/Short-Term Disability
  • Dental/Vision Insurance
  • Voluntary Supplemental Plans

Fill out your application now: it’s the first step to a great future with Elevate! Workforce.


Connect with Elevate! Workforce today and enjoy the competitive advantage. Our goal is to provide your company with workforce flexibility – consistently providing quality employees for your fluctuating employee needs. Our flexible staffing models enables your company to optimize highly-skilled, highly effective resources on an as-needed basis while cutting the costs associated with employee overhead. From our initial contact where we listen to you and determine your exact needs to delivery of quality personnel and appropriate follow-up, our thirty-plus years of experience in workforce solutions ensures your success.

Contact us today and discover our fresh approach – where fit, performance, and retention matter to us because they matter to you.

Let’s get started now!

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