time for reflection image1 Over the last year, we all have been working hard to continually look for ways to add value to our personal and professional lives. As 2015 rolls to an end we should be looking into how we can approach our goals for 2016. Imagine starting next year knowing what you had to do to accomplish your dreams. A lot can happen in one year and without proper reflection it is easy just too continually be rolling forward with your foot full on the gas with little thought for where you’re going or even where you actually are now. While it’s true we’ll always have challenges in our lives and business, some headaches can be avoided, and taking the time to reflect on the year gone and identify the root cause of those headaches, can allow us to completely avoid them next year. Ask yourself the following questions to begin thinking about 2014 and reflecting on what worked and what didn’t. Remember, highly effective people set goals and have a good idea about where their time goes.
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Taking time out to summarize your learning and reflect on them, will help you to identify the learning and make better choices next time you are faced with the same challenge. By making a plan for how you will respond differently the more prepared you will be and the more likely you’ll respond successfully. Knowing what worked well last year and what did not, what will you NOT do again? What boundaries, conversations, and actions do you need to put in place to ensure you don’t repeat the past? From the things that worked last year, what will you repeat and improve upon this year? What new things will you introduce and how will you measure that they are working? Think about how you are spending your time. It is only when you acknowledge all you did and see it in black and white, that you’ll start to be able to evaluate the importance as to whether YOU should continue on that path or not. It is good to journal daily to help you remember and to get a fair assessment of what you really did. Try to ensure you include all everything! What did you spend the majority of your time on this year? How will you invest the new time you’ve created? (At home or at work!) Going forward Having evaluated the year past, be sure to start making a plan for the year forward that will assist you in overcoming the obstacles and challenges you experienced last year, and repeating more of the good things that brought you joy. It is only by coming into an awareness of these things and making a plan for change, that we’ll create our own success. Because remember, to do the same thing again and expect a different result is the definition of insanity. So be sure to take control of your life and your business by gleaning the lessons you’ve learned and making a plan to apply the lessons to achieve greater results.